7 Ways Los Angeles Architects Use Commercial Artificial Grass

backninegreensDecember 7, 2016Artificial Grass

It’s every architect’s goal to evoke a feeling of comfort or amazement and provoke conversation with their building design through a variety of aesthetic choices regarding look, shape, touch, and practicality. In Los Angeles, the commercial real estate industry is reaching an all-time high, which means it’s extremely important for your design to appeal to buyers over the competition. You need that pop, that punch that makes your design stand out from the rest of your local competitors. Don’t laugh when we say the solution is commercial artificial grass.

Think about it for a moment. How frequently do you see artificial grass available at a Los Angeles multi-living property or on the rooftop of a luxury resort in the Hollywood hills? It’s becoming more common now, but it’s still fairly rare. These trendy features definitely make people take a second look and can even entice longer stays with their multipurpose uses.

Get Colorful with Commercial Artificial Turf

What many do not realize is just how versatile artificial grass can be when it comes to color. It does not just have to be a blend of greens, yellows and browns. If you are designing a high-tech office space, why not consider a medium-to-long blade patch as an accent rug and get it color-matched to the accent colors in the room? Even in the traditional green shades, it can make for a beautiful plush surface under workers’ desks at a marketing firm or call center.

Use Commercial Synthetic Turf in More Areas than Floors

Commercial Artificial Grass for Clinique Storefront

It’s a common misconception in the artificial grass industry that the products can only be ordered and used in large quantities like lawns, football fields and golf complexes. This is far from the truth, however. While the cost per square foot can be lower when bought in bulk that way, there are almost always scraps from jobs that would otherwise be recycled. Those who are interior designers and architects can integrate these smaller quantities in many other ways, such as table runners, filler for potted plants in entryway tables, or turf balls for table decoration or to hang from the ceiling to serve as a focal point.

If you want to be really bold, you can work with an artificial grass supplier to create an intricate wall art design, such as faux ivy, on the walls. You can also opt to have a business logo cut out entirely of artificial grass. Ask if the supplier can help you create dimension with different pile heights and color tones to make an eye-striking design.

Whether you are an architect or interior designer in the Los Angeles area, there is always a place to use artificial grass in your designs. Not only can it help you stand apart from your competitors, but it can also generate conversation and help you gain increased exposure just from the clean, green, effortless look.

The next time you are in the market for some commercial artificial grass in the Southern California area, be sure to stop in at any of Back Nine Greens’ showrooms. We would love to help you out! Our high-quality turf is affordable and comes with a competitive warranty that is not often found in the industry. Give us a call at 800.583.6619 or drop in!