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Putting Green Design & Installation in Austin, Texas

Back Nine Greens is a professional manufacturer and retailer of artificial putting greens in Austin, TX.

Austin is renowned for its rich golfing history. Located in the Texas Hill country, it hosts some of the most sprawling golf courses in the South. These include the Penick’s golf course and the University of Texas Golf Club. 

With the golfing sport firmly ingrained in its social fabric, Austin residents made the switch from natural grass to artificial golfing turf with the help of Back Nine Greens, one of the largest and best-known retailers and installers of luxury artificial putting greens in Austin. 

Back Nine Greens is well known for luxury synthetic turf using safe and eco-friendly technology and materials. For years, Austin, TX residents have enjoyed a wide range of artificial turf products from Back Nine Greens, including pet turf and playground turf for residential and commercial applications. Our company has amassed an impressive team of technicians and installers who take pride in their work. 

Austin has seen a significant shift from natural to artificial grass, largely driven by the numerous benefits accrued from synthetic turf. The benefits of artificial putting greens include:

  • Improved golfing performance
  • Looks amazingly immaculate all year round
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
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Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens

Golfing Performance

To improve overall performance, golfers need to practice. This includes time-consuming trips to golf courses, especially if you consider the time spent looking for parking, walking to the turf, getting the equipment ready, and interacting with other players. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine the tremendous amount of time saved by installing your very own artificial backyard golfing turf. With our unique backyard putting greens, Back Nine Greens made this dream come true for numerous Austin residents. You can practice at your leisure without the crippling limitations or restrictions imposed by community golf clubs.

Amazingly Accurate

Austin residents love golf, and this is seen in the incredible investments made to the natural grass putting greens at places such as the University of Texas Golf Club. For natural grass to meet PGA standards, it must undergo rigorous maintenance. This means untold amounts of water, sprinklers, landscaping, tending, seeding, nurturing, and other landscaping work. In many cases, professional landscaping contractors are hired to manage the grass round the clock. Even then, natural grass still develops brown spots due to intense heat and damage by repetitive golf club swings and players’ treads, spectators, and golf carts. Installing a Back Nine Greens luxury estate putting green is a much better option. The turf remains luxuriously green all year long regardless of the intensity of use or season.


As mentioned previously, natural golf turf demands a tremendous amount of maintenance work to retain its PGA characteristics. This work must be performed around the clock and includes watering, use of sprinklers, trimming, and landscaping. Additionally, chemical treatments and constant monitoring ensure the grass stays resilient and drought-resistant.

The cumulative cost of these tasks is prohibitively high over time, especially when you hire professional landscapers. Furthermore, these costs are higher during drought seasons. Yet our Back Nine Greens golf grass and artificial putting green signature solutions are designed to be durable, beautiful and retain their perfectly manicured appearance day in and day out.


Different from natural grass, artificial grass does not require fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. These chemicals used on traditional sod are linked to environmental degradation.

With our custom designed artificial grass, the use of chemicals is eliminated. Furthermore, artificial golf greens do not require diesel or gasoline-powered lawn equipment, which environmentalists cite for emitting toxic carbon fumes into the atmosphere. This makes our putting greens one of the most eco-friendly solutions in the market.

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