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The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

backninegreensJanuary 29, 2018Artificial Grass Kids Pets Water Reservation

If you still have natural grass in your home’s yard, you likely don’t know what you are missing. Artificial grass provides a great number of benefits including being durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The following infographic courtesy of Back Nine Greens will show you why artificial grass is the best option for your home. Contact Read More

front yard grass installation for savings

Find Hidden Savings with the Switch from Natural to Artificial Grass

backninegreensSeptember 27, 2016Artificial Grass Water Reservation

What could you do with 62 gallons of water? That may be a difficult question to answer, so instead think of then what could you do with an extra $400 or more a month? If you have a 10’x10’ natural grass lawn, and you plan to water it daily for a month, your water bill Read More

Our synthetic turf products are helping Southern Californians to conserve water

Dominic NappiApril 2, 2013Artificial Grass Water Reservation

Water conservation is a huge issue in Southern California. As residents of this wonderful area it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part in helping to conserve this precious resource. While most of us are familiar with many of the ways we can help to conserve water, one obvious way may be Read More