Premier Luxury Golf Greens

Back Nine greens is the premier luxury golf greens construction company

We can build your dream golf course, driving range, or putting green. We have been in business since 1997 and we do it right the first time!


Back Nine Greens not only works for you, we work WITH you. We understand that for your vision to be realized the collaborative mindset is the key to our success. We begin each build with a brainstorming meeting with you. Taking note of your goals and objectives for your space. We then offer detailed suggestions and improvements. Providing you with the options that will suit your luxury golf aspirations.  


Our team of experts not only provide you with design options that will meet your expectations, our aim is to exceed them. Years of dedication to our clients has resulted with Back Nine Greens establishing a team of elites that are committed to continuously to honing our craft. Our focus has enabled us to infuse our designs with features that preemptively meets the needs of our clients. At the end of the design phase our design engineers will have a personally tailored masterpiece of unrivaled putting green luxury

Luxury Greens

At Back Nine Greens, we honor the collective spirit of teamwork.

Every Back Nine Greens Team Member is here because we love what we do. We believe in evolving our skill set and pushing ourselves beyond the limits of our previous creations. We are continuously evolving to build a collection of gorgeous unforgettable golf greens that inspire awe– both today and well into the future. Our continued success is earned by applying innovative and bold designs for luxury golf greens and inspirational landscapes. To see more of our work, check out our gallery showcase of luxury golf greens here.

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Luxury Golf Greens Clientele

Since 1997, we’ve been drafting and installing tailor-made greens and backyard paradises for everyone from the average guy to the celebrities of the world, elite athletes, VIPs and other notable clients. We imbue all of our builds with that same joy and exhilaration of walking onto a beautiful green golf course for the first time. That motivation has us continually pouring passion into our work. We have a great love and appreciation for the short game, the long game and everything in between. You’ll sense The Back Nine Greens values and intent in each and every luxury golf green design we create. To learn more about what some of our celebrity luxury golf greens clientele have to say about us here.

Components of a Luxury Golf Green Build

Here are just a few of the components that go into each of our Luxury Golf Greens.

Client Vision
We work with you to discover your ultimate luxury golf experience. We will make suggestions along the way to help you achieve a true customized golf green built specifically for you.

Aesthetic Preference
Back Nine Greens believes every putting green should emulate the natural beauty of its surroundings. We utilize the existing layout; taking into consideration the surrounding views. Incorporating form, function, beauty and more with our landscaping and hardscaping expertise.

Technology & Expertise
We deliver luxurious state of the art golf greens by utilizing our expertise in large-scale earthwork and grading, CADD work, plan production, graphic renderings, drone and GPS work and other cutting-edge computer technology. We are ready to get started on your ultimate vision for your luxury golf greens today – Contact us here to get started!

Back Nine Greens
At Back Nine Greens we employ the greatest resources, our amazing team members. Every team member is a vital component to our continued daily successes. Each of them is a highly-trained specialist in what they do — from our master craftsmen to our lead designers all the way to our installation experts. We are able to provide our clients with a world class experience, the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that we are dedicated to ensuring their custom golf green is a work of art. Our clients enjoy knowing that we have the knowledge and ability to directly interface with every single aspect of their project, from start to finish –including hardscape and landscape.

We have over 20 years of industry experience and we have artfully constructed over 10,000 projects from a landscape of bare earth to difficult terrain. Cultivating and molding the land to suit our clients greatest expectations, delivering unique and customized golf greens to our clients. Check out our luxury golf greens showcase gallery here.

The Back Nine Greens Team prides ourselves on being a unified and cohesive team. We value open communication through our ranks and that helps us to be better, to do better and to deliver amazing and inspiring luxury golf greens and enviroscapes for our clients. We help you to realize your vision, only better. Let’s get started on designing your very own luxury golf green!