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Back Nine Greens is one of the leading retailers and installers of luxurious putting greens and artificial grass in Brooklyn, New York. 

Back Nine Greens is a recognized name in the luxurious artificial grass space. We have installed synthetic turf for both commercial and residential use for decades. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the number of satisfied customers, including residents in Brooklyn, New York. 

Whether you want to install pet turf, playground turf, or luxurious putting greens, we can help. Although we specialize in putting greens, our expertise extends to commercial artificial grass landscapes. Whether you want an incredible backyard putting green or an artificial grass lawn that will leave your neighbors impressed, Back Nine Greens has you covered.

Brooklyn residents are no strangers to golf. The city is home to some of the most notable courses on the East Coast, including the Aviator Golf Center, Marine Park Golf Course, Riis Park, and City Parks Junior Golf course. All of these courses see a sizable number of golfers and underscore why our artificial grass solutions are in high demand.

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Why install Artificial Putting Green Turf?

Many Brooklyn residences and businesses switched to synthetic turf for golf because of convenience.

Imagine practicing and playing at your leisure rather than wasting time and money traveling to a golf course. Even better, the golf turf requires little to no maintenance and remains immaculate all year long regardless of the weather. There are many great reasons as to why Brooklyn residents made the transition to synthetic golf turf.

First, natural grass requires a tremendous amount of maintenance work to meet PGA standards. These include never-ending water sprinklers, landscaping work, and chemical treatments. These don’t even guarantee the grass will remain perfect. Intense weather changes, foot and golf cart traffic, and even club swings damage the grass, causing inconsistent ball responses. Making the switch to artificial golf grass ensures these inconsistencies are a thing of the past.

Artificial grass maintains its luxurious appearance and evenness despite weather or traffic. Not only will you practice your game on a perfectly even surface, but also the turf is supremely impressive from a visual standpoint. Our golf greens products are so luxurious they have been shown to increase property values, which means more money in your pocket when you sell your home.

Golf greens from Back Nine Greens are so realistic that they fool even the most dedicated observer. That is another reason for their growing popularity. The turf maintains its majestic visual appeal with little to no maintenance. On the other hand, natural grass requires monumental landscaping work to retain its golfing luster. This is not the case with artificial putting greens, which remain amazingly consistent throughout the year.

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At Back Nine Greens, we invested a lot in understanding the golfing sport.

This is why our estate putting greens continue to be in great demand in Brooklyn, NY. If you want to enjoy the convenience of playing and practicing at any time on an artificial putting green or synthetic golf grass that looks consistently immaculate with little to no maintenance, contact us to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to assisting you, assessing your needs, and collaborating with you closely. With our highly knowledgeable and accomplished team, you are in good hands!

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Hillsborough residents have been counting on Back Nine Greens for their artificial grass needs.

Our customer service is ready to walk you through the entire process, from design to installation. And even after that, we ensure that you receive premium support. Our artificial grass is luxurious, durable, low-maintenance, and pet-friendly. Now you can enjoy a green, vibrant space all year round.

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