Artificial Grass Turf and Water Rebates in Southern California

Los Angeles California artificial grassIn the span of just four years, homeowners and business owners across California have begun to suffer from the continued effects of harsh droughts. With more than 37 million people using water every day, water shortages are becoming increasingly common. In response, the state of California is taking the concept of water conservation incredibly seriously, and families and businesses are looking for environmentally friendly ways to decrease water usage.

Last year, California Governor Jerry Brown ordered Californians to try to conserve as much water as possible, a move that helped to reduce water usage by almost 30 percent. Many cites and municipalities in California now offer lots of different artificial grass turf and water rebates for commercial and residential locations and, although it is only early 2016, many rebate programs are currently seeing a steady depletion in funding. From energy-efficient clothes washers to landscape irrigation limitations, as well as rain barrel rebates, it is vital that everyone stays well-informed about the latest rebates in their area.

Here is a list of some of the areas in California that are offering generous rebates to homes and businesses. For example, families can receive a $100 rebate by replacing outdated, inefficient toilets. Additionally, real grass lawns can be replaced with more water-efficient synthetic turf lawn alternatives. Please note that funding is usually limited and can be exhausted quickly. However, in some cases, grants that have been temporarily discontinued may restart and more money will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


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Water conservation is a major concern all over the world, and tax rebates that replace natural grass lawns with synthetic turf lawns are a step in the right direction. The Los Angeles, California artificial turf lawn installers at Back Nine Greens are proud to offer an eco-conscious alternative for those wanting to conserve the Earth’s dwindling resources. We are dedicated to making a positive difference, and our high-quality synthetic grass lawns and artificial turf putting golf greens are an effective way to help homes and businesses reduce costs and “go green.”

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