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Artificial Grass in Canoga Park, CA

Synthetic Lawns & Landscaping in Canoga Park, CA

Canoga Park, California – like many of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles – is a popular area for transitioning to artificial turf. The greenery across Canoga Park makes it one of the most beautiful areas in the San Fernando Valley. Fortunately, our state-of-the-art synthetic turf provides an ultra-realistic look and feel, helping it blend in with these natural elements while providing homes and businesses with numerous benefits, such as lower maintenance costs, durability, and water conservation. This makes our luxurious artificial grass a wise investment in Canoga Park, CA.

At Back Nine Greens, our team of artificial grass craftsmen provides homes and businesses in Canoga Park, CA in the San Fernando Valley with synthetic lawns, landscaping, putting greens, and more.

We have the high-quality artificial turf necessary to provide realistic visual appeal, durability, and water conservation. With our synthetic grass, your Canoga Park home or business will look better than ever with less work and even help save you money! Learn more about the benefits of our top-quality artificial grass today!

Artificial Grass

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Artificial Turf Products From Back Nine Greens

At Back Nine Greens, we offer several types of high-end artificial turf in Canoga Park, California as well as the rest of the San Fernando Valley. These specialized synthetic grass products include:

Our team has artificial grass products for nearly every type of need and property in the San Fernando Valley. Contact us today to learn more about our available synthetic turf options!

Benefits of Our Synthetic Grass

The high-end synthetic grass options from Back Nine Greens offer homes and businesses in Canoga Park, California several significant benefits, especially when compared to traditional grass. These benefits include:

High End

At Back Nine Greens, we offer one of the most luxurious artificial turf products on the market. Our highly realistic artificial grass products provide home and business owners with soft, lush, and green lawns and landscaping that always look their best. Unlike conventional grass, our synthetic turf will never turn brown, develop holes or divots, or suddenly die off without warning. Instead, it will provide dependable, green aesthetic appeal throughout its long life.


Our high-end synthetic turf requires little daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. Unlike traditional grass, it never needs to be watered, trimmed with a mower, de-weeded, or even treated with various types of chemicals. Instead, owners of our luxurious artificial grass in Canoga Park, CA can spend their time admiring and enjoying it – rather than constantly taking care of it. 


One of the greatest benefits of artificial turf is its resilience, particularly our highly durable synthetic grass. At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass is engineered to withstand multiple forms of wear and tear. This includes resisting wear and tear from foot traffic, lawn games and activities, the California weather, and more. In doing so, our artificial turf provides a more consistent look and feel throughout its long life.


Conserving water is a priority for homes and businesses across California, including in neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley like Canoga Park. Thankfully, our artificial grass never needs to be watered, making it a far more drought-tolerant surfacing material. As a result, it can help save water and money for home and business owners.

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At Back Nine Greens, our high-end artificial grass and synthetic turf products can help home and business owners in Canoga Park, CA attain more consistent and beneficial green spaces. Our many types of specialized artificial grass help fit the needs of different properties and populations. Plus, with our synthetic landscaping design and installation expertise, our team can help ensure that your new artificial grass installation will fit your space and style. So contact us at Back Nine Greens today to learn more and receive a quote for our professional synthetic grass services!