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The team of artificial turf artisans at Back Nine Greens provides artificial grass supply, design, and installation services in Coronado Island, CA. We offer a select variety of high-end synthetic turf products, which can help enhance the surfaces on residential and commercial properties. We also specialize in crafting luxurious artificial golf greens – from professional-level courses to backyard putting greens and even miniature golf installations. Find out more about what our artificial grass products and services can do for you in Coronado Island, California today! 

Coronado Island, CA & Back Nine Greens 

Coronado Island, CA is an area rich with beauty and history. It is arguably one of the most esteemed and beloved areas in all of California. Yet, like almost any other community, Coronado Island could still benefit from some updating, especially in regard to their grass surfaces. Luckily, that’s where the team from Back Nine Greens can provide assistance! We offer a wide variety of luxurious artificial grass products, which can help enrich and maintain the landscape of Coronado Island while helping property owners reduce maintenance costs. 

Artificial Grass

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Residential artificial grass

Benefits of Our Luxurious Artificial Grass for Lawns, Landscaping, Putting Greens, & More

At Back Nine Greens, our many artificial turf products offer home and business owners several benefits. Upon installation by our team of professionals, property owners can expect the following: 

  • Gorgeous, evergreen grass surfaces 
  • No need for extensive lawn or landscaping maintenance
  • No trimming or mowing
  • No removing or spraying weeds
  • Turf that resists fading & weathering
  • Drought-tolerant grass
  • Greater water conservation
  • And so, so much more!  

The luxurious artificial grass we provide our clients is able to stand the test of time, providing their property with verdant beauty for years. It also eliminates most traditional grass maintenance and helps Californians save water, which can be especially valuable during droughts.

Consistent, Cost-Effective Commercial Artificial Grass

Many businesses in Coronado Island, CA, such as retail stores and restaurants, also rely on their outdoor surfaces to attract and retain customers. Why risk your reputation on traditional grass surfaces that can be notoriously unreliable? Instead, choose high-end commercial artificial grass from Back Nine Greens! This surfacing alternative is attractive, low-maintenance, and highly durable. It can resist several deprecating factors, like foot traffic and inclement weather, and provide your commercial property with a consistently inviting appearance.

Residential Lawns

The outdoor aesthetics of homes and other residences in Coronado Island, CA often capture and reflect the beauty of the area. Yet, when homeowners rely on conventional grass, they risk having a lawn that looks less than ideal – whether due to lack of maintenance, overgrowth, or outside factors beyond their control. Thankfully, with an artificial lawn, homeowners in the area can have a captivatingly lush, green lawn that is persistently beautiful throughout its long life.


One of our specialties at Back Nine Greens is designing and installing artificial putting greens. We utilize our precisely engineered synthetic golf turf, which not only provides beautiful greenery but also a highly playable surface tailored to the game of golf. With this phenomenal turf and our experience, we can craft a variety of residential and commercial artificial golf greens that are custom-fit to each property they are installed on. 

Golf Greens

For homeowners in Coronado Island, CA, a synthetic backyard golf green from our team gives you the ability to play with friends and practice whenever it is most convenient for you. Best of all, our artificial putting greens provide this to you and your property without requiring you to be responsible for high levels of maintenance. This way, you can spend your time enjoying your golf green –rather than caring for it.

Mini Golf

Finally, our artificial golf grass is also ideal for use in our mini golf construction projects. Our team works closely with each of our clients to create a miniature golf course that fits their style and provides entertaining theming and obstacles. With this service, we can help create a unique feature on your residential property or expand your commercial business! 

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At Back Nine Greens, our high-end artificial grass and exceptional synthetic turf services can help revamp surfaces on properties all across Coronado Island, CA. We have several stellar artificial turf options as well as expertise in crafting a number of artificial golf installations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about all our team can do for you and your residential or commercial property!