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At Back Nine Greens, we design and install fully customized, luxurious golf greens and artificial grass for those living in Dallas, TX. We provide high-quality synthetic playground turf and pet turf for individuals who want to spend more time outdoors with their loved ones.

If you’re a Dallas resident and have always appreciated the look of big-budget resorts in terms of their immaculate-looking grass lawns and beautiful putting greens, we can bring that look to you. From celebrities and professional athletes to golf enthusiasts or even your next-door neighbor, we provide luxury artificial grass for a wide variety of clients. 

When installing a lush, artificial grass lawn or estate putting greens that resemble what the pros use, we work closely with you throughout the process. Whatever vision you have for luxury artificial turf, we bring it to life. If you want to look out your window each morning and see a hyper-realistic looking, beautiful synthetic grass lawn, we design it exactly how you want it. If you want the convenience of playing golf in the comfort of your backyard with artificial backyard putting greens, we make that happen, too. 

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If you’re passionate about the game of golf, then there’s nothing better than having a luxury putting green in your backyard. With an artificial putting green turf installed in your backyard, not only does it beautify your space, but it also lets you play your favorite game whenever you want to. 

With golf greens at your house, you no longer have to drive to a golf course to practice the sport you love. Not only can you enjoy playing golf whenever you want, but so can your house guests.

The hyper-realistic artificial putting greens we install resemble the golf turf pros play on. This high-quality design gives you a consistent playing experience whenever you play or practice. Don’t worry about wear and tear either, as our synthetic golf grass is highly resistant to damage from golf clubs, golf carts, and foot traffic from golfers and spectators.

Artificial Grass

Being able to showcase an eye-catching green lawn that glows with beauty all year round is within reach for both home and business owners. Due to its remarkable durability and low maintenance, our luxurious artificial grass emanates its beauty for many years without replacement. Since it looks so attractive and natural, passersby and neighbors think you always keep your lawn in perfect condition. They won’t even be able to tell the grass is synthetic.

There are many benefits to our high-end luxury synthetic grass. Since the grass needs virtually no tending to once installed, it saves you time and money — artificial turf doesn’t need watering, fertilizers, pesticides, seeding, or mowing. Its low maintenance ensures you have free time to do what you love, such as spending time with family or perfecting your golf swing.


The turf’s eco-friendliness is also a noteworthy feature. The turf is non-toxic and safe for all who use it. Because artificial grass doesn’t provide a habitat for insects like fleas and ticks, it keeps them away. For dog owners, synthetic turf is perfect as it drains water quickly — you’ll never have to fret over your pet jumping into puddles and then running through your house!


Luxury artificial grass is used for all sorts of applications. Artificial playground turf is comfortable and safe to play on with its extra padding. Synthetic dog grass is ideal for dogs playing outside during the summer, as the turf cools itself down to prevent overheating. Commercial artificial grass helps businesses stand out from the competition because the look impresses customers.

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