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At Back Nine Greens, our team of artificial grass professionals create functional art with our luxury putting greens.  We have installed our masterpieces at many luxurious locations, including celebrity homes like Mark Wahlberg and his stellar backyard. 

With our hard work, dedication, and expertise, we helped provide actor, producer, businessman, and artist Mark Wahlberg with one of the best backyards in all of the United States. Unlike many other yards in America or even in his Beverly Hills neighborhood, Wahlberg’s backyard is home to a gorgeous, artificial grass putting green.

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What Makes Mark Wahlberg’s Backyard So Special?

In 2016, Mark Wahlberg added a one-of-a-kind luxury putting green to his backyard in Beverly Hills, California. Although his property was already home to a stunning swimming pool, skatepark, and a regulation-size, Celtics-themed basketball court, his artificial grass putting green from Back Nine Greens is truly the star of the yard.

Wahlberg’s custom putting green is a beauty. It features multiple rolling hills, deep sand bunkers, and several pitching and chipping areas. The entire 120-yard short-game course blends seamlessly into his backyard’s natural California landscape.

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Our experts here at Back Nine Greens provided Mark Wahlberg with a legendary outdoor space, and we can do it for you too! Our luxury putting greens can satisfy any passionate golfer. They give you the ability to practice privately or simply pass the time in the convenience of your own backyard.

Our luxury putting greens make for a stunning addition to any outdoor space. Our team crafts them using a blend of your imagination, our experience, and the natural environment provided by your home’s outdoor space. In combining these factors, our luxury putting greens become true works of art capable of satisfying our customers for years to come.

Our high-end artificial turf putting greens aren’t just for admiring from afar. They are incredibly usable, durable, and cost-effective spaces. With a synthetic putting green, our customers never need to worry about watering, seeding, or trimming again. Our artificial turf stays green year-round and resists fading from UV rays along with standard wear and tear. This allows our customers to enjoy their luxury putting greens without a need for intensive or costly maintenance.

Artificial turf for putting greens is also environmentally friendly. These spaces never need watering to stay lush and green. They also never require the use of potentially hazardous materials like fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. Our synthetic high-end putting greens maintain their pristine look without contributing to water waste or the use of pollutants, making them an eco-friendly addition to any outdoor space.

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At Back Nine Greens, our work in Mark Wahlberg’s backyard is just one example of our expertise and craftsmanship in creating captivating outdoor spaces with artificial grass. Our synthetic luxury putting greens are a wonderful addition to any yard. These spaces are capable of satisfying our clients whether they admire them from afar or experience them with their favorite golf clubs. To learn more about our artificial, high-end putting greens or any of our other quality artificial grass products, including lawns, pet turf, sports turf, and more, contact us today for a free consultation!