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Putting Green Design & Installation in Menlo Park, CA

Back Nine Greens is a reputable leader in designing and installing artificial putting greens in Menlo Park, CA.

 Located on the East of Mateo County, Menlo Park, CA, is home to numerous tech companies, including Facebook making this a desired place to live. The high demand for this desired location makes the area one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. These high-end homes deserve premium luxury artificial grass solutions to complement your estate as well as reduce the maintenance demands of traditional sod. Our luxury synthetic golf greens and artificial putting greens bring low-maintenance elegance to your outdoor space.

Residents of Menlo Park enjoy luxurious amenities and are known for their love of golf. That fondness for golf coupled with California’s frequent droughts and water restrictions that make natural grass maintenance costly created a high demand for synthetic putting greens. 

Here at Back Nine Green, our goal is to make your luxury golfing turf a joy to play on that is beautiful, durable all while reducing overall maintenance costs.

Artificial Grass

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Residential artificial grass

Since 1997, Back Nine Greens has been installing luxury artificial grass for residential and commercial clients.

Our reputation for quality and luxurious synthetic turf precedes us, whether it’s playground turf, synthetic pet grass, or commercial artificial grass

We successfully completed thousands of projects and developed the professional skills and experience to create and install the best artificial putting green turf in Menlo Park, CA. Let us know what project you have in mind, and our team will create a customized solution that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Putting Greens

California is known for its hot summers and mild winters, making it an ideal place to spend time outdoors. With luxury putting greens installed in your backyard, there’s no need to fight traffic for your tee time or trek long distances to get to the golf course. You always get consistent practice because our artificial putting green turf is built to the highest standards. In addition, our synthetic golf greens are highly resistant to wear and tear and last for many years, even with daily use. Another benefit of having a backyard putting greens at your home is you can practice any time. This is valuable for busy professionals who don’t have time to commute to distant golf courses.

In addition, having a luxurious artificial turf in your backyard improves your health by giving you daily exercise and enhances your golfing skills through practice. What better way to enjoy living in Menlo Park, California, than having a lovely golf green to look at as well as enjoy. It’s priceless to play golf whenever you want and be able to exercise and have fun at your own convenience.

Artificial Grass

Luxury artificial grass is popular in places like Menlo Park, CA, for many reasons. But, perhaps the biggest reason is its unsurpassed beauty and ease of care. The Back Nine Greens luxurious golfing turf and artificial grass lawns look and feel like the golfing turf on a 5-star resort. The only difference is it requires little to no maintenance. 

Once the turf is installed, there is never a need for regular watering, lawn mowing, adding chemicals, and other mundane lawn chores. Yet, it stays immaculately pristine all year long regardless of weather conditions. 

It’s also eco-friendly. Since artificial golfing turf doesn’t need chemical treatment, there is no risk of runoff and contamination from pesticides and other chemicals. Also, synthetic grass conserves water since it only needs occasional washing. Furthermore, our synthetic grass is of such high quality, and it lasts for many years before needing replacement. At the end of its use, it can be recycled. Essentially, our artificial grass not only looks like regular grass that is in perfect condition, but it is also easier to maintain.

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