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Putting Green Design & Installation In Miami, Florida

When discussing artificial putting greens in Miami, Florida by Back Nine Greens, it’s important to note that golf is an integral part of Miami’s culture.

You’ve probably heard of the world-famous courses such as Blue Monster, Crandon Golf Key Biscayne, the classic Biltmore in Coral Gables, and the Shula Golf Club’s Senator Course in Miami Lakes. These courses underscore the importance of putting greens in this vibrant South Florida region, and Back Nine Greens has been a part of Miami’s golf scene for years. 

The company has been at the forefront of a massive shift from natural grass to artificial putting greens in the city of Miami. We provide various artificial grass products including synthetic grass lawns, backyard putting greens, pet turfs, and playground surfaces. 

As an industry leader in luxurious turf, we’ve installed thousands of engineered turf surfaces throughout the Miami and South Florida areas. Whether it’s artificial luxury golf grass, putting greens, pet or playground turf, our artificial grass has numerous benefits. These include:

  • Very attractive
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Boosting your golf skills
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Benefits of Installing Synthetic Putting Greens & Artificial Golf Grass


As a sport, golf needs a meticulously maintained turf. Even though natural grass may have served well previously, it requires an enormous amount of maintenance. Plus, there is no guarantee that traditional grass won’t succumb to elements such as intense summer heat, drought, and prolonged foot traffic. Not to mention the pressure exerted by golf carts and club swings, which wreak havoc on the quality of natural grass. Cumulatively, these elements and actions cause blemishes that are expensive to restore. On the other hand, artificial putting greens retain their visual splendor regardless of golf carts, club swings, heat, water shortages, and heavy foot traffic.


Golf is a sport that requires the highest level of surface uniformity. It has a very low tolerance for blemishes, spots, hovels, and depressions. This is true whether it’s a PGA event, a regular community golf course, or even a residential golf turf. The turf must be uniform and well-balanced for short, medium, or long holes. 

While natural grass can be cultivated and shaped, maintaining it requires an incredible amount of dedication and resources to meet the demands of golf enthusiasts. This includes pruning, near-constant watering, monitoring, landscape design, and chemical treatments. Artificial putting greens meet the sport’s exacting quality standards while requiring little maintenance.


Artificial putting greens are more environmentally friendly than natural grass. Synthetic putting greens, once installed, require no pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that are linked to ecological degradation by environmental experts. Additionally, since no lawnmowers or landscaping equipment are used, it eliminates gasoline or diesel emissions, which typically pollute the environment and degrade air quality.

Boosting Your
Golfing Prowess

Golfers constantly push themselves to improve their game. This necessitates continuous practice sessions and commuting to a local putting green. This is time-consuming and exhausting, particularly if it requires a lengthy drive to and from the golf course. 

Also, consider the time it takes to get ready for a day at the course. By installing backyard putting greens, you are free to practice at any time and for any duration. Over time, this significantly improves your golf performance.

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If you’re in Miami and are ready to make the transition from natural grass to artificial turf, Back Nine Greens is ready to earn your business. We’ve built an impeccable reputation as one of Miami’s premier providers of residential and commercial artificial grass. Everything we do is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. 

Our highly trained team of artificial grass experts are ready to walk you through all aspects of the transition and installation of your very own custom designed luxury estate artificial golf grass and putting greens. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.