Newport Beach Artificial Grass

We’ve made certain our artificial grass is “kid safe” in every way.

Our Newport Beach artificial grass lawns are perfectly safe for every member of the family, including its youngest members. In fact, we’ve created a fake grass product that is such a great fit for children that our artificial grass for lawns and putting greens is also now a favorite in kid’s play areas. The same synthetic grass we employ in our fake lawns and golf greens is used in a growing number of residential and commercial play areas. Our synthetic turf not only maintains its perfect look and feel year-round, but it is also much less abrasive. Kids like to run and jump when they play, and our artificial turf is built to provide a soft landing and help prevent injury. Not to mention that because there is no mud or dirt your child will stay cleaner. You can take grass allergies out of the equation as well. And if you’re in charge of maintaining a children’s play area just think of the money you’ll save on water and maintenance!

Discover for yourself why our Newport Beach synthetic grass is the choice of kids and parents alike when it comes to children’s play areas. These include:

  • Residential play areas
  • Commercial playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Day care centers
  • Children’s activity centers
  • And more

Our artificial grass for lawns and play areas is created with a special underpadding to absorb impact and increase safety. This is especially important for children, who tend to take spills while running, jumping and doing the things kids do. We’ll work closely with you to create a custom design that works for your outdoor space. As parents we want to know that our kids are playing on the safest possible surface. As adults we want to invest in a surface that is not only safe for children but is also beautiful, cost-efficient and low maintenance.

If you have a play area you wish to upgrade in terms of its looks and its safety, the professionals at Back Nine Greens would love to speak with you. Back Nine Greens is one of the most respected names in the synthetic grass industry, and is a go-to name in providing surfaces that will take great care of your kids. We would be happy to discuss our products and their benefits in detail with you and answer any and all questions you may have. We will also be happy to provide you with a free quote. Contact us today 650-264-9100.