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Artificial Putting Green Design & Installation in Orlando, Florida

When it comes to luxurious putting greens, Orlando, Florida residents trust Back Nine Greens for sales, installation, and continued support.

There are 24 golf courses located in Orlando, but how about owning your own portion of flawless greens?

It’s easier than ever to have access to gorgeous greenery with Back Nine Greens’ artificial putting greens. Despite the additional 34 golf courses within 20 miles of Orlando, there’s no reason you can’t use our artificial turf to create the golf grass or putting green of your dreams. We can even help you design a putting green landscape that mimics your favorite golf course. Back Nine Greens will combine your needs and ideas with our talented designers skills, our quality product and installation experts to bring you the ultimate putting green for your home or business.

We drafted and installed custom-made greens and luxurious backyard turfs for both residential and commercial use for years. Our technicians and customer service believe in giving each customer the undivided attention they deserve and work diligently to achieve total customer satisfaction. Regardless of the size of your project, our dedicated team exceeds your expectations and ensures that your luxury golf putting greens dreams come true.

Over the years, the use of Back Nine Greens’ artificial grass has skyrocketed in both commercial and residential spaces in Orlando. These include playground turfs, pet turfs, and our luxurious putting greens.The numerous benefits of our synthetic turf have largely driven this surge. These include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Breathtaking aesthetics
  • Boosting golfers’ performance
  • Environmentally friendly
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Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens


It is undeniable that as a sport, golf demands a near-perfect turf. For natural or traditional grass to achieve this, it must be rigorously maintained. This includes endless amounts of water using expensive sprinklers, tending, trimming, pruning, seeding, and even using various advanced chemicals to ensure it remains resilient to drought and foot traffic. There’s also the cost of ongoing professional landscaping and labor. These tasks are time-consuming and costly.

Artificial putting green turf, on the other hand, has earned praise due to its low maintenance qualities. Once installed, it requires no watering or expensive landscaping nor any labor intensive maintenance work. It also remains perpetually immaculate regardless of the season.


As mentioned before, golf demands perfection when it comes to the playing surface. Unfortunately, traditional sod groundskeepers must spend exorbitant amounts of money on landscaping to meet these demands. And even then, it does not guarantee perfect results.

Sod still succumbs to weather and other elements even after expensive maintenance. For instance, throw intense summer heat into the mix, and sod begins to wither and become discolored, resulting in unsightly brown patches. Additionally, fungi infect natural grass resulting in poor quality turf. This is not to mention the additional damage it sustains from continued treading by golf carts, club swings, the players themselves, and the spectators.

Installing our luxurious artificial putting greens is the recommended remedy. Regardless of foot traffic, or seasons of the year, the turf remains majestically green and impeccable. It’s also resilient to damage from prolonged use, golf carts, and club swings.

Golfers' Performance

Golfers want to polish their skills, which can mean numerous trips to the local golf course. All this is incredibly time-consuming. For instance, the golfer must get ready, drive to the course, look for parking, get their equipment ready, and travel to the actual golf course (via a golf cart or by walking). 

Consider the amount of time consumed by the practice session itself; then, the entire process is repeated afterward when the session is over. Imagine if the golfer installed one of Back Nine Greens’ luxurious backyard putting greens. This would save them a tremendous amount of time, enabling them to become better at the sport. They can practice at any time and for any duration without limits or restrictions.


Since artificial golfing turf does not require any chemical treatments, it’s safer for the environment. The various chemicals utilized in landscaping eventually end up in the ecosystem and contaminate water supplies, harming helpful bacteria, and plant life. This has an adverse effect on human, animal, and marine life. You omit the negative impact on the environment by installing a beautiful low maintenance luxury estate golf course, putting green or lush artificial grass lawn.

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