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Artificial Grass Installation in Palm Desert, CA

At Back Nine Greens, we are dedicated to providing you with the best artificial grass on the market. If you live in Palm Desert, CA, we can help you install the artificial grass you’ve always wanted. Our headquarters are in Palm Desert at 75061 Mediterranean Avenue, Palm Desert, CA.

Located in Riverside County, CA, Palm Desert is approximately 120 miles northeast of scenic San Diego. Because of its dry conditions, maintaining a natural grass lawn can be quite expensive. This has led to a spike in demand for artificial turf.

Back Nine Greens has extensive experience installing artificial grass. We bring exquisite luxury or graceful simplicity to every project. Whether you’re looking for a backyard lawn that commands respect and impresses your neighbors, or a backyard putting green to entertain friends, Back Nine Greens has you covered.

Artificial Grass

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Residential artificial grass

Why Choose OUr Artificial Grass

If you live in Palm Desert, there are several reasons to choose our world-renowned artificial grass. First, the area’s arid climate makes natural grass lawns financially wasteful, driving residential and commercial customers to our synthetic turf. The turf stays green no matter the weather or use and never gets damaged by UV radiation, weeds, or fungi.

Our artificial turf is also popular on public and private golf courses. Our expert staff knows the importance of fine-tuning your short game and keeping your skills polished. Unlike other landscaping providers, Back Nine Greens artificial putting green turf closely matches real PGA-quality golf greens used by professionals. We can even include features like undulations and slopes. 

Additionally, our artificial grass has a spectacular appearance that will impress both your neighbors and visitors. Indeed, our golf greens are so opulent in appearance that studies have shown that they boost property values, putting more money in your pocket if you ever decide to sell.

Installing Artificial Grass in
Palm Desert, CA

Unlike traditional landscaping companies, Back Nine Greens artificial grass offers a permanent, rich green surface that replicates healthy grass. Our turf is not only incredibly lifelike but is also low maintenance once installed. You never have to worry about watering, mowing, and other chores that are traditionally associated with natural grass. This frees up time for you to indulge in your true passions.

Our synthetic turf products are intended to last many years and require no lawn upkeep, gardeners, or fertilizers, which equals more money in your pocket and more time to enjoy life.

Pet & Dog

Having an animal companion comes with responsibilities, one of which is providing a secure and pleasant location for your pet to play and relax. Artificial grass is the right answer for you. Its consistency and sturdiness make it highly suitable for pets. 

Consider the following:

  •  Artificial turf is easier to clean and maintain than ordinary grass.
  • Pets won’t ruin your lawn by digging and tearing it up.
  • Artificial turf is soft and comfortable, making it a great surface for dogs to play on.
  • Synthetic grass doesn’t need water or fertilizer, so you’ll save money on your landscaping costs.

Our artificial pet grass also drains quickly, reducing urine odors, muddy paws, and wet dog smell.

Artificial Turf

Is your company looking for a method to cut lawn maintenance costs without sacrificing greenery? Consider artificial turf! Commercial artificial grass is gaining popularity among businesses of all types. The most persuasive point is that artificial grass can be utilized in virtually any environment and does not require watering or fertilizers. Installation is also quick and easy, making it ideal for organizations that are pressed for time.

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Back Nine Greens gets satisfaction in providing excellent customer service while maintaining professionalism. Whether it’s PGA-grade golfing grass, pet turf, or a residential lawn, our products are the envy of neighbors. We can help you customize your Palm Desert, CA home or business, no matter how big or small. Contact us today or call (760) 345 8008 for a free consultation, or email us at [email protected]