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Artificial Grass in Palm Springs

At Back Nine Greens, we supply, design, and install artificial grass lawns and landscaping and synthetic putting greens in communities across California, including Palm Springs, CA.

Our luxurious artificial turf products create stunning additions to residential and commercial properties. Plus, all of our synthetic grass options are drought-resistant, cost-effective, long-lasting, and gorgeous! They can be designed and installed as lawns or more comprehensive landscaping as well as putting greens, pet grass, playground turf, and more! Discover all the possibilities for high-quality artificial grass available to homes and businesses in Palm Springs, California. 

Drought-Resistant Artificial Grass

In California, water conservation is crucial now more than ever! Unfortunately, our state consistently suffers from droughts, which often force state water officials to place restrictions on water use. One of the most common restrictions state water officials and local water agencies place on California communities is bans or limits on using water for commercial and residential lawns. Natural grass lawns can be a significant source of water waste. However, without water, these lawns die off and leave many homes and businesses in California looking less than ideal. Thankfully, there is a solution! 

Artificial grass from Back Nine Greens can provide residential and commercial properties in Palm Springs, CA with drought-resistant lawns or landscaping. Our luxurious synthetic turf never needs to be watered and will not turn brown or die off without it. It is a far better solution for Californians looking to conserve water and potentially comply with water restrictions without sacrificing a lush, green outdoor space on their property.

Artificial Grass

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Applications for Artificial Grass in Palm Springs, CA

At Back Nine Greens, we have a variety of first-rate synthetic turf products that are ideal for numerous specialized applications, including:  

Our many specialized and luxurious artificial turf products help fulfill the numerous needs of our clients in Palm Springs, California. 

Residential artificial grass

Benefits of Synthetic Turf Landscaping

Synthetic turf landscaping from Back Nine Greens can provide Palm Springs, CA homes and businesses with multiple benefits, including return on investment, longevity, and consistent beauty.


One of the most significant advantages of artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is its cost-effectiveness. Although synthetic landscaping often has a greater cost of installation than other surfaces, like traditional sod, our artificial turf not only lasts longer but provides a return on investment for our clients. This is primarily due to the lack of watering and maintenance required with artificial grass. Owners of our synthetic turf do not need to worry about trimming, chemically treating, or watering. As a result, Palm Spring residents can save money over time and see just how cost-effective owning artificial grass can be!


At Back Nine Greens, our synthetic grass products are exceptionally durable, making them incredibly long-lasting. Unlike other forms of landscaping, our artificial grass is designed to be resilient. In doing so, it possesses a greater ability to withstand wear and tear from lawn games and activities, foot traffic, and even the sunny Palm Springs weather. This ultimately gives our clients stunning green spaces that last for years! 


The artificial grass and synthetic putting greens from Back Nine Greens provide homes and businesses in Palm Springs, CA and other communities with several benefits. However, one of the most undeniable benefits our artificial turf provides is a luxurious aesthetic for either indoor or outdoor spaces. Our synthetic grass is beautiful and hyper-realistic. It is an ideal nature-like addition that can help improve the aesthetics of nearly any property. Check out our gallery to see it for yourself!

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The artificial grass and synthetic turf putting greens from Back Nine Greens are available for installation in residential and commercial properties in Palm Springs, California. Our luxurious artificial turf products are drought-resistant and available in numerous applications to help fit your spaces and address your unique needs. By investing in our synthetic grass, our clients gain cost-effective landscaping that lasts for years and helps provide them with an improved aesthetic appeal. 

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