Pet Grass

ZeoLite is the industry’s leading artificial grass

If you’ve got a pet, you know how easy it is for them to destroy a beautiful natural lawn or garden. But, with Back Nine Greens, you eliminate the possibility that Fido might destroy your yard.

When our master craftsmen install your new synthetic green for dog runs and play areas, cleaning up after your pet becomes a breeze. Simply pick up and remove any solid waste from your lawn — that’s it. You won’t need to rinse your lawn because the ZeoLite in our pet installations erases the need to clean your lawn. Zeolite is a safe and effective way to detoxify pet environments. And since you won’t have to wash down your lawn, you’ll conserve even more water.

Furthermore, pet urine will simply absorb into the sand beneath your turf and evaporate. ZeoLite is the industry’s leading artificial grass infill for pet odor control. In fact, Zeolite is guaranteed to stamp out pet odor and help control any type of unpleasant scent.