Playgrounds & Sports

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Sports Fields

The Art of the Game

When it comes to sports, you may not realize they have more in common with fine art than one might think. The love of the game always conjures up emotion, engages fans in conflict, and forms lasting memories. The best pieces of art can do the same. So, it stands to reason the art of the actual field should support the drama of the game.

Back Nine Greens honors the story and importance of sports in our culture and history. And whether you’re looking to enjoy a new golf course or install synthetic turf on your pro-grade football field, our artisan installers can help you design and construct the field of your dreams — no matter your budget!

For decades, Back Nine Greens has designed and installed sensational faux grass lawns for sporting arenas. Our master craftsmen have also constructed the most beautiful artificial grass golf greens, putting practice greens, tee lines, and other top-of-the-line sports-related commercial turf applications like:

  • Synthetic turf soccer fields
  • Artificial lawn baseball fields
  • Faux grass bocce courts
  • Synthetic shuffleboard courts
  • Artificial grass multi-sport fields
  • Faux turf football fields
  • Artificial golf greens and putting practice greens

No matter the shape or size of the field, no matter the game, our synthetic sports field turfs will blow your mind. Play like the pros on our fields and let our hardworking, reliable craftspeople create your fully customized playing area. Back Nine Greens are brilliant and always-green — no doubt our grass products look and feel as soft and pliable as natural grass.

Play Areas

Child’s Play

Teddy Roosevelt said “play is a fundamental need,” and he was right. And what better terrain for playgrounds than soft and inviting synthetic grass. Back Nine Greens prides itself on creating safe and inviting backyard play areas, fun and friendly playgrounds in schools and daycares, and exciting faux green areas in children’s activity centers and municipal parks all over the golden state.

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No matter your age, you’ll love the plush, spongy feel of our premium artificial turf. You’ll never stain your knees and your kids won’t tear up the lawn — even at their most adventurous. Also, our faux lawns can absorb extra impact with special padding added as a bonus safety feature. Furthermore, Back Nine Greens’ state-of-the-art imitation lawns are 100 percent recyclable and lead-free — so they’re super safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.
When you choose Back Nine Greens for your playground, you choose:

  • A cheerful-looking, durable, and non-abrasive play surface
  • A lawn that needs no harsh weed killers or dangerous chemicals to stay green
  • A clean surface free from mud, dirt, and grass stains!
  • A playspace void of many allergens
  • A green area that actually helps to deter wild animals and insects
  • Less of a mess than wood chip flooring (and no splinters!)
  • And a vibrant lawn that helps you and your kids conserve water and save on utilities

Go with green and give your kids a chance to fill their days with good, clean, safe fun day in and day out.