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Artificial Putting Greens, Port St. Lucie, Florida

For decades, Back Nine Greens has designed, sold, and installed custom luxury putting greens and backyard paradises for both residences and businesses in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Over the years, our techs and engineers have accrued a tremendous amount of experience in all aspects of designing and installing custom golf course turfs and more throughout Florida. So if you want a company with both the skill and commitment to excellence, turn to Back Nine Greens.

Whether it’s for landscaping, playground turf, pet turf, commercial use, or something else, Port St. Lucie’s residents have transitioned from natural grass to artificial grass to enhance their overall lifestyle experience. Port St. Lucie is one of the most rapidly growing seaside destinations on the Eastern Florida coastline. It is also an area best known for hosting golf tournaments in its internationally renowned PGA Golf Club. This underscores the golfing culture deeply ingrained in the community. 

Since our inception, Back Nine Greens has built an enviable reputation for high-quality products, services and dependability. That is why Port St. Lucie residents turn to us for luxurious artificial grass installations for lawns, playgrounds, pets, athletic fields, putting greens, golf courses, and more!

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Why Choose Our Synthetic Golf Greens

Golf is one of the most relaxing and psychologically soothing sports anyone can play. However, if you want to excel, you must commit to patiently honing your skills through practice. This is what refines and improves your golfing technique. 

Perfecting your game can be costly in terms of time, resources, and overall commitment. Consider the frequent commutes to golf courses – the time it takes to get ready, play, and drive back home. Imagine how much time you save by installing a high-quality, professional putting green or short course in your backyard. This would significantly reduce your travel time and costs and boost your golfing prowess.

Your Efficiency

As discussed above, installing artificial golf turf can significantly improve your overall golfing performance. Access to a private synthetic green allows you to practice on the same quality turf as professional and experienced golf players. Even better, you can putt for as long as you want and practice your shots with various clubs and swings without country club restrictions.


We are all aware of the constant maintenance required to bring natural grass lawns up to par with golfing standards. This includes repetitive and meticulous landscaping work. For instance, expensive sprinklers must run almost continuously to water and nourish the blades.

Landscapers then apply chemicals to keep the grass healthy and resistant to summer heat and foot traffic. This does not even include the around-the-clock monitoring required to ensure there are no pests, fungi, or undulations in the turf. Synthetic golf greens, on the other hand, do not require such a high level of maintenance.

It is
Highly Durable

Artificial golf greens are highly durable and resistant to wear from extensive use. The same cannot be said of natural turf, which easily gets damaged by extreme weather, golf clubs, and traffic from golf carts, players, and spectators. Additionally, artificial turf drains exceptionally well, even after prolonged downpours. This provides excellent playing conditions for golfers soon after a storm

It's Extremely
Aesthetically Pleasing

Golf greens have long been associated with luxury and refinement. To attract sophisticated clientele and host important tournaments, the turf must be impeccable. While natural grass achieves this to an extent, artificial grass takes it to the next level. Whether you want to install it on commercial grounds or in your backyard, it commands respect due to its visual appeal. It also maintains its aesthetic throughout the year, with little to no maintenance required. Our artificial turf retains its luster and luxurious appearance for an extended period of time without deteriorating in quality.

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Back Nine Greens is one of the top suppliers of artificial grass golf greens in Florida, including Port St. Lucie. Our premium golf turf has been universally commended for its quality and resilience in commercial and residential applications. This ensures you enjoy your turf for years to come without worrying about expensive and time-consuming maintenance. It is also very eco-friendly. So when you’re ready for your consultation and installation of your very own artificial golf grass, synthetic lawn, playground turf and more in Port St. Lucie, FL, contact us immediately!