Artificial Grass Rooftops & Decking

Spice up your Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco home with a beautiful artificial grass putting green or lawn patch on your balcony deck, rooftop or patio.

Artificial Grass Roof
Artificial Grass Rooftop Putting Green

Nowadays, homes along West Coast beaches are occupied by both beach dwellers and vacationers looking to avoid hefty hotel rates. However, it’s hard to come by a California beach home that boasts an incredible deck or outdoor entertaining space on the rooftop. If you lease out a beach home near any of the Southern California beaches, this information will probably be of interest to you: it’s okay to reinvent the definition of beach home relaxation. You want a space that caters to everyone’s style of relaxation, and upgrading your rooftop or deck space is just one way you can do just that. Here are three ways installing artificial grass on your deck or rooftop can attract more renters to your beach home while also increasing the benefits and value for you.

Design the Perfect Entertaining Space for Your Rental Home

Many people today are traveling with their families, and that means they are looking for homes with multiple entertaining spaces. Those who live in or visit California want to enjoy a home with incredible views, perfect weather, pool areas, and easy beach access. Consider providing luxury elements like a gourmet outdoor kitchen or a putting green on the deck or rooftop. Install a playset with an IPEMA-approved surface for little ones and active play.

Make Your Rental Home More Eco-Friendly

Orange County and other nearby counties currently remain under drought-monitoring conditions, which means water restrictions for plants and landscapes are still in effect. It is possible to have a beautiful, must-have beach home rental with green lawns and putting greens. Just ask for artificial grass instead, which are drought-friendly, low-maintenance and provide a lush look all year long. Make this a reality and use it to create a must-have vacation home for out-of-town visitors.

Increase Your Rental Home’s Value

This kind of transformation is not limited to just beach homes. All throughout Southern California, many homeowners are electing to expand their outdoor living spaces, since California boasts perfect weather year-round which makes for great entertaining. Adding or expanding outdoor living areas also improves home value. It’s the trifecta that pays in the long run.

What’s Different about Installing Artificial Grass on a Rooftop or a Deck?

When artificial grass is installed, the ground area is prepared with weed prevention barriers, a thick sand bed and a perfect, level surface. Installing on a deck or a rooftop is a different process that requires a series of products directly underneath the turf surface to provide the shock-absorbent plush feel. We assure you that each installation meets California code for outdoor living areas and is also guaranteed against fraying from frequent use or coming up after a strong wind.

A hidden bonus of using Back Nine Greens products on your deck or roof area is the fire protection. There are certain fire-resistant properties built into the fibers and the backing of our artificial turf. This can help protect areas of your home below the artificial grass from extensive damage in the event of a fire.

Artificial grass can help you provide more value and generate more interest at your Southern California vacation home. Explore the many ways that Back Nine Greens can help. We do installations across Los Angeles, San Francisco and many counties along the West Coast shoreline. We provide free consultations for all types of artificial turf lawns and putting greens. Request your appointment online today!