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Putting Green Design & Installation in Portola Valley, CA

When people think about Portola Valley, CA, what comes to mind is an upscale and delightful destination that has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States.

In addition, the city has been characterized by its sunny weather and elegant lawns. This includes customized luxurious artificial putting greens or synthetic grass lawns designed and installed by Back Nine Greens.

Back Nine Greens has long been a reputable and well-recognized name in the artificial turf arena. Whether it’s playground turf, pet artificial grass, or putting greens, our customers have come to associate us with commitment and excellence. We have been producing beautiful golf greens and synthetic grass since 1997—with over 10,000 projects constructed since then, we are quite experienced and skilled in what we do. So not only does our artificial grass and golf greens look just like the real thing, but they constantly maintain that beauty.
If you want beautiful, luxurious-looking turf on your property, Back Nine Greens can make that happen. If you want eye-catching, artificial putting green turf on your property that also gives you the convenience of practicing your golf game whenever you want, Back Nine Greens can also make that happen, and ask us about our playground turf, synthetic commercial lawns, athletic turf and more for your Portola Valley, CA estate or business.

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Benefits of our Luxury Putting Greens

By having us install backyard putting greens at your location, you can have the ability to play at the time and convenience of your own choosing. Normally, it can be a hassle getting some golf practice in—playing may involve getting in your car, driving, waiting in traffic, finding parking, paying a fee, and then finally playing. With estate putting greens right at your own place of residence, the stresses and hassles of travel can be entirely avoided. 

There are many other benefits that you get from our golfing greens, besides beauty and convenience. For example, our golf greens are designed to drain water fast, so even after a major storm, the turf will be dry in only a short period of time. Also, our putting green turf is built to imitate the golf turf that the pros use. So, in effect, you’ll be able to get worthwhile practice in and avoid issues like ball wobble. Additionally, our golf greens are constructed to be highly resistant to holes, divots, or other malformations. So while holes and divots may be a constant problem with sod golf greens, it will not be an issue with our durable synthetic golf grass.

Benefits of our
Luxurious Artificial Grass

Pertaining to our luxurious artificial grass, a major benefit is how easy it is to take care of. Because it is so low maintenance, it can save you plenty of time and money. With our artificial turf, you’ll never need to enter into any expensive contracts with landscapers in order to keep up its look—it will always look its best. You also won’t have to bother with heavy upkeep such as setting up irrigation to water it, treating it with chemicals, lay new seed, nor will you have to get creative with weed control and more. Overall, the upkeep for artificial grass is very minimal. This can be especially useful for either a homeowner or a business owner, as artificial grass can allow you to focus your energy and time on things that are truly important. 

Another notable benefit of our artificial grass is its environmental friendliness. Since no chemical treatment for the turf is needed, there’s zero risk of chemicals finding their way into the environment and causing contamination. Furthermore, because no landscaping machines are needed to mow or maintain the synthetic turf, this can cut back on pollution substantially. Finally, our synthetic grass is fully recyclable and lasts for many years, so it won’t eventually wind up in a landfill.

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