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Artificial Grass in
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The artificial turf experts and craftsmen from Back Nine Greens provide luxurious artificial grass to properties in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Our exceptional, high-end synthetic grass is perfect for lawns, landscaping, and especially our personally tailored putting greens. With our gorgeous artificial turf products, a variety of surfaces can be improved on residential, commercial, and municipal properties throughout Rancho Santa Fe, California. Learn more about how our team can help transform your surfaces with captivating artificial grass today! 

Rancho Santa Fe, CA and The Need for High-End Artificial Turf 

Rancho Santa Fe is a beautiful part of California that is rich in history. It features a variety of properties, ranging from homes to restaurants, shops, stores, offices, parks, and more. Each of these properties has a unique opportunity to help improve their surfaces, save money over time, and help save water by switching to artificial grass. At Back Nine Greens, we offer gorgeously green artificial grass products and installation services that are perfectly suited to the needs of these residential, commercial, and other properties throughout Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  

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Unmatched Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Not only does our team of synthetic turf experts offer high-end artificial lawns and landscapes, but they also specialize in designing and installing luxurious artificial grass putting greens. We tailor each of our putting green builds to the unique needs and desires of each of our clients. In doing so, your backyard or commercial putting green will fit you or your business as best as possible. And with our incredible artificial golf grass, our luxury putting greens play just like a professional course. For more information, schedule a free consultation!

Applications for Our Luxurious Artificial Grass 

At Back Nine Greens, our team supplies and installs synthetic grass for various settings and situations. Some of the many applications for our extravagant artificial turf include:

Whether you need a sustainable and attractive lawn for your Rancho Santa Fe, CA home or business, the experts from Back Nine Greens have options to suit your unique needs.

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Benefits of Synthetic Grass Surfaces From Back Nine Greens

Home and business owners in Rancho Santa Fe, CA can experience a number of benefits by making the switch to our artificial turf. Some of these many benefits include the following:


At Back Nine Greens, each of our artificial turf products provides unmatched beauty to the property they are equipped to. This is because our artificial grass is ultra-realistic, so it looks and feels just like lush, green traditional grass. As such, it can provide homes, businesses, and more with gorgeous curb appeal.  

Significantly Reduced

One of the most significant issues with conventional grass is its need for near-constant maintenance. Whether it’s mowing, watering, fertilizing, or pulling weeds, it can take plenty of time and money to maintain a traditional grass lawn, landscape, or putting green. Fortunately, our synthetic grass eliminates the need for these activities, allowing property owners in Rancho Santa Fe to save time and money on upkeep. 

To Wear & Tear

Artificial grass surfaces are exceptionally durable. At Back Nine Greens, our specially engineered synthetic turf resists several forms of wear and tear. Examples of this include high levels of foot traffic, elements from the weather, and even sports. By withstanding these factors, our artificial turf provides a long-lasting surface.


In Rancho Santa Fe as well as the rest of California, droughts are unfortunately frequent. In these situations, water officials often urge property owners to not waste water on their traditional grass surfaces. While this can be beneficial for conserving water, it can leave lawns looking like patches of dirt. Thankfully, with our artificial grass, you can own a captivating green lawn that never needs to be watered, helping save this precious resource without having to sacrifice your property’s beauty.

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At Back Nine Greens, our luxurious artificial grass provides gorgeous grass surfaces and putting greens in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. With our first-rate products and professional services, our team can artfully add artificial turf to your residential, commercial, or municipal property. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more!