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Artificial Grass & Putting Greens in Reseda, CA

At Back Nine Greens, our team supplies, designs, and installs artificial grass lawns, landscapes, putting greens, and more in Reseda, CA. Not only do we provide turf that is among the most realistic and high-end artificial turf in the industry, but we also offer professional lawn, landscape, and putting green designs and installations. As such, we can help transform your residential, commercial, or municipal property with our luxurious synthetic grass that is gorgeous, low-maintenance, resilient, and drought resistant. 

Reseda, CA, the San Fernando Valley, & Artificial Surfacing 

Reseda, California is one of many neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, and it is also one of our favorites! This area was once devoted to agriculture, and even today, it possesses plentiful greenery. Yet, with an abundance of plant life comes a need for water, and sadly, Californians almost always need to limit their water use. Fortunately, at Back Nine Greens, we have the solution for maintaining green beauty in Reseda, CA and the rest of the San Fernando Valley without wasting water: artificial grass. 

Drought-Resistant Synthetic Turf

Traditional grass lawns, landscaping, and golf courses are some of the most significant water hogs in Reseda and anywhere else. These outdoor expanses require gallons upon gallons of water nearly every day to maintain a consistent, green appearance. This is not only incredibly costly to home and business owners, but it is also wildly wasteful.

Thankfully, our drought-resistant artificial grass and synthetic turf products provide a solution. They never need to be watered, which allows residential and commercial properties in Reseda, CA to save water for other things. In addition, the synthetic nature of our turf products ensures that they stay consistently green and gorgeous without water, so you do not have to sacrifice owning a stunning lawn or landscape. 

Artificial Grass

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Residential artificial grass

Further Benefits of Our Luxurious Artificial Grass

Aside from helping conserve water, our luxurious artificial grass offers several benefits. Some of the many benefits of owning synthetic turf surfacing include:

  • Year-round aesthetic beauty 
  • Little to no maintenance 
  • Resilience to wear and tear as well as foot traffic
  • Resilience to California’s sunny weather
  • No traditional grass stains or mud
  • No conventional grass allergens
  • Quick draining surfacing 

Unlike traditional grass and other common forms of landscape surfaces, our synthetic grass provides home and business owners in Reseda, CA with numerous advantages. 

Applications for Synthetic Surfacing in Reseda, CA

At Back Nine Greens, we offer various types of specialized synthetic surfacing products for different properties, purposes, and applications. Our many artificial turf types include: 

With our line of state-of-the-art synthetic grass products, we can help identify the ideal surfacing solution to fit your property’s needs.

Why Choose Back Nine Greens for Artificial Grass Design & Installation?

At Back Nine Greens, we offer more than just some of the highest quality artificial grass products on the market. We also offer our clients superior customer service and years of expertise in designing and installing synthetic grass lawns, landscapes, putting greens, golf courses, and more. We work with each client to understand what they want out of their artificial turf area or areas. In doing so, our team is able to craft a stunning green space that is tailored to their needs and desires, making them an impeccable fit. 

Artificial Grass
Putting GReens

The team of artisan artificial turf designers at Back Nine Greens also specializes in providing our clients with some of the most beautiful artificial grass putting greens. Our synthetic golf turf has been specially engineered to offer a highly playable and stunningly green surface. It is even approved by golf legend Dave Stockton! By coupling this amazing surfacing with our team’s insight and experience in designing and building putting greens and courses, home and business owners in Reseda, CA can attain the artificial golf installation they have been dreaming of.  

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Luxurious artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is available for installation in Reseda, California. Our high-end synthetic turf offers several significant benefits and comes in multiple specializations, so our team can design and install a gorgeous green space that fits your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more!