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Putting Green Design & Installation in Richmond, Virginia

Back Nine Greens has been at the forefront of selling and installing artificial grass in Richmond Virginia, for Years.

We are committed to enhancing your golfing experience by giving you the most luxurious and most durable putting greens and artificial grass the market provides.

Richmond, VA is a city rich in history. From its site as an early settler town for the British to its role in the remaking of America, Richmond is a vibrant city. Our luxurious artificial grass compliments the beautiful city of Richmond for both home or office. 

Back Nine Greens has been part of Richmond’s expansion for years. We gear up businesses or residential estates with our highly luxurious and fully customized artificial putting green turf solutions or sprawling estate lawns with our synthetic turf. From enhancing your overall golfing experience or installing an outdoor lush artificial grass lawn, when it comes to providing artificial grass or synthetic turf solutions our goal is total customer satisfaction through excellence and quality. 

Whether it’s playground turf or pet turf, our products continue to wow customers with their beauty and attention to detail for years.

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Artificial Putting Greens and Synthetic Golf Grass

Synthetic golfing turf radically transforms your life. Just think of the ways it enriches your backyard gatherings with friends and family while boosting your golfing performance at the same time. If your idea of a good time is relaxing with family and friends, then playing golf,  enjoying barbeque, and a bottle of fine wine, Back Nine Greens creates the ideal environment for that.

Artificial putting greens are also low maintenance. This is in stark contrast to natural grass, which requires round-the-clock care to sustain its PGA qualities. This maintenance takes the form of constant watering, monitoring, pruning, and chemical treatments to ensure the grass stays healthy and drought-resistant. This results in exorbitant costs that escalate dramatically during the summer months when it’s hot and dry. Artificial grass, on the other hand, stays pristine all year long regardless of season.

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Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens

Artificial Grass Lawns

Our artificial grass is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Our beautiful turf changed the way humans interact with artificial grass surfaces and our expert design team will help you create an exceptional artificial grass lawn for your home or office . In addition to the visual impact that it affords, there are many other benefits. It has eco-friendly qualities. Since it never needs watered, pruned, trimmed, or treated with chemicals, it does not contribute to environmental degradation. Additionally, this helps water conservation and ultimately cuts costs.


Back Nine Greens is at the forefront of creating customized putting greens that suit our customers’ needs. Our goal is to take your golfing experience to the next level by custom designing and installing a hassle free, beautiful luxury artificial golfing grass solution to play and practice on at your home. Putting an end to the need to commute to distant golf courses or pay exorbitant country club dues and fees every month. 

Our signature solutions install in your backyard and not only transform the visual aesthetics of your home but also boost your golfing performance.

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At Back Nine Greens, we have over two decades of hands-on experience in the design and manufacture of artificial turf for both commercial and residential purposes. Our over 10,000+ nationwide projects are a testament to our commitment to excellence and high quality. Check out our gallery of our Back Nine Greens signature golfing solutions and high quality custom designs.

If you’re looking for custom golf greens, don’t hesitate to contact us. Besides the quality of work we provide, we value each customer’s uniqueness and work diligently to bring every idea to life. 

If you’re looking to have synthetic turf put into your backyard, a play area, or even need commercial artificial grass, we are the go-to source. Besides the quality of work we do, we listen to you and give you our undivided attention. We are passionate about what we do and work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our focus will always be to provide high-quality, luxurious artificial turf products coupled with high-quality installations and workmanship. Contact us today, and install your private backyard putting green, artificial grass lawn, playground, or sports field. You can trust Back Nine Greens to provide only the best synthetic turf products and installation services!