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Back Nine Greens has earned an amazing reputation as one of the foremost retailers and installers of artificial putting greens in Rochester, New York.

Our goal is to improve and enhance your golfing experience by providing and installing the best luxury synthetic putting greens and artificial grass available.

Initially one of the most renowned manufacturing centers on the East Coast, Rochester has evolved into a modern education and tech center. It has also attracted numerous businesses and residents looking to cash in on the tech boom while enjoying the hip East Coast vibe.

Naturally, Rochester’s growth and economic boom created a demand for artificial grass. For top quality customizable artificial putting green turf products, Rochester residents look to Back Nine Greens. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction through superior turf quality and service. Whether you’re installing a luxury golf green, putting green, playground turf, or pet turf, our products never fail to impress customers with their beauty and our team of expert’s attention to detail.

Synthetic golfing turf has the potential to transform your golfing life completely. Consider how it could enhance your backyard gatherings with friends and family while also improving your golf performance. If your idea of a good time is relaxing with family and friends while golfing and enjoying barbeque and a bottle of fine wine, Back Nine Greens assists in creating the quintessential environment for that.

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Customizable & Luxurious Putting Greens In Rochester, Ny

Putting greens from Back Nine Greens are widely recognized for their elegance and luxury. If you want to transform your golfing experience and practice on a world-class turf, don’t hesitate to review our signature putting greens products. In addition to the turf’s excellence, it requires no watering, pruning, trimming, or chemical treatment that could contribute to environmental degradation. Additionally, installing synthetic grass contributes significantly to water conservation and, ultimately, cost savings.

Artificial putting greens are not only beautiful, but they require little to no maintenance, unlike traditional grass that demands meticulous care in order to maintain its professional qualities and uniformity. This includes constant irrigation, monitoring, pruning, seeding, and possibly chemical treatments to keep the grass healthy and drought-resistant. Unfortunately, this results in exorbitant costs that skyrocket during the summer months when the weather is sweltering hot. On the other hand, artificial grass remains immaculate throughout the year, regardless of the season.

Back Nine Greens is at the forefront of customizing putting greens to meet the unique needs of our Rochester clients. Our mission is to elevate your golfing experience by making it both ideal and practical to play and practice anywhere—no need to commute to distant golf courses or pay expensive monthly golf club dues and fees. Our signature solutions are ideal for your backyard and contribute to the visual appeal and your golf performance.

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In Rochester, NY

Back Nine Greens has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing artificial turf for commercial and residential applications. We have an impressive record of more than 10,000+ installations. If you require custom golf greens, we can schedule an appointment to provide the initial assessment. In addition to the high quality of our work, we respect each customer’s uniqueness and work diligently to bring each concept to life.

Therefore, whether you need synthetic turf installed in your backyard, a playground, or even commercial artificial grass, we are your go-to source. In addition to the high quality of our work, what sets us apart from the competition is how attentively we listen to you. We are committed to our work and collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life.

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At Back Nine Greens, we value customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make a difference by providing high-quality, luxurious artificial turf products accompanied by superior installation and workmanship. 

If you’re ready to make the transition, contact us today to have your own backyard putting green, artificial grass lawn, playground, or sports field installed. Back Nine Greens provides only the highest quality synthetic turf products and installation services!