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Roof, Deck & Patio

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Roof, Deck & Patio

Luxurious Roof, Deck, & Patio Turf

Artificial roof, deck, and patio grass from Back Nine Greens can help homes and businesses in California and other U.S. communities transform their outdoor spaces. With our specialty, high-end artificial turf, smaller, often underutilized outdoor spaces like rooftops, patios, pool decks, balconies, and more can become far more inviting. The presence of our stunningly lush, green synthetic grass helps make these spaces more comfortable and relaxing. Therefore, you, your loved ones, or your guests are more likely to want to enjoy them.

Convert Your Outdoor Space into the Perfect Retreat

Inviting, Green Artificial Grass

Whether the view from your deck could be an unforgettable panoramic sunset or a dramatic ocean scene, Back Nine Greens can turn your roof, deck, or patio into a work of art with our beautiful synthetic green flooring. With it, you can invite your neighbors up to the roof for an evening putting match or bring your living space outside to entertain on a naturally inviting synthetic lawn!

Our team has the high-quality artificial turf and installation expertise to convert your outdoor space into an ideal green retreat. Perhaps one that boasts an incredible deck or rooftop entertainment center and lets you reinvent home relaxation. So sip wine, serve dinner, relax by the spa, or enjoy your pristine rooftop garden. Our elegant synthetic grass will give your home the variegated look and feel of the most exclusive high-end club or hotel. Your home or business will become a place for an anytime staycation. All you will have to do is step outside!


Safeguard Your Rooftop and Deck

Install Fire-Resistant Synthetic Green Turf

Beyond atmospheric enhancement, one of the most significant benefits of installing artificial turf on your deck, rooftop, or patio is fire protection. Sadly, electrical issues, unsupervised candles, and even small kitchen fires can lead to much more dramatic blazes that can potentially engulf homes and businesses. Fortunately, you can help protect your home or business with artificial roof, deck, and patio turf from Back Nine Greens. 

This protection is due to the same fibers and backing that give our synthetic turf its shock-absorbent plush feel because they are also fire-resistant. So, in the unfortunate event of a fire, these top-grade materials can help defend different areas of your home and business from potential damage.

Expand Your Business

Reclaim Unused Spaces with Natural-Looking Surfacing

Synthetic roof, deck, and patio grass is not just for creating luxurious retreats on residential properties. It can also be utilized by businesses to help transform unused or perhaps underused areas into practical or potentially profitable expansions. For example, our artificial roof, deck, and patio turf can transform a rooftop into a scenic lounge, bar, or even break area for employees. It can also serve as a soft surface for a restaurant patio. No matter how you choose to use it, by adding our artificial grass to your smaller outdoor spaces, you can help make them more comfortable, which can attract and retain customers, clients, and workers. 


Why Choose Back Nine Greens for Artificial Grass?

At Back Nine Greens, we not only offer high-end artificial grass products, but we also provide homes, businesses, and other types of properties with our years of experience in synthetic turf design and installation. These factors make us a leading supplier and installer of artificial turf in California and other areas of the United States of America. Our team will work with you to provide the synthetic surfacing solution you have been dreaming about that will blend seamlessly with your property and address your needs.

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Homes, commercial businesses, and other properties throughout the U.S. can have their outdoor spaces become more comfortable and inviting with artificial roof, deck, and patio turf from us at Back Nine Greens. Our luxurious synthetic grass provides a soft, green surface that is highly durable and requires little maintenance. This makes it an exceptionally beneficial surfacing solution for nearly any outdoor space. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more!