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Artificial Putting Greens in Tampa, Florida

There has been a notable increase in demand for artificial putting greens in Tampa, Florida installed by Back Nine Greens. With its delightful subtropical climate, Tampa, Florida has become one of the leading commercial, cultural, and tourist hubs in the Gulf Coast of the United States. Tampa is also home to some of the most iconic golf courses in Florida. These include gems such as the Saddlebrook Resort, Innisbrook Golf Resort, and Nature Coast, which speak to the city’s innate golfing culture. 

Over the years, Tampa residents have made the change from natural to artificial grass, given its countless positive benefits. This is where Back Nine Greens comes in. Our company specializes in the manufacture and sale of luxury synthetic turf using eco-friendly and safe technology.

From celebrities to your next-door neighbor, Back Nine Greens has designed custom golf greens and backyard retreats since 1997. We have an impressive track record and industry experience that can be seen in over 10,000 successful projects. 

We offer you an extensive selection of luxury artificial turf solutions that includes playground turf, pet turf, luxury estate lawns and other synthetic grass products for commercial and residential use. With our extensive network of professional installers, you start enjoying your luxurious golf greens right away. The benefits of artificial putting greens include:

  • Breathtaking visual appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Improve overall golfing performance
Artificial Grass

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Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens

Visual Appeal

Florida residents aren’t strangers to golf turf. The state is home to some of the most memorable courses globally, which continue to attract scores of visitors annually. But the option to now have a luxury putting green or golf greens installed in your own backyard is now a readily available option for any golf enthusiast. Contact us today to discuss your own custom luxury golf green and putting green solution.

For any surface to meet the rigorous demands of golfing turf, it must radiate luxury and majesty at all times. Natural grass requires an incredible amount of maintenance work, including constant watering, trimming, monitoring, and chemical treatments. Even then, it still withers under the intense summer heat and sustains damage from repetitive golf club swings and motorized carts. This does not include the damage from prolonged foot traffic from both players and spectators.

Artificial grass instantly solves these problems. The state-of-the-art turf stays perfectly uniform all year round with no water consumption or landscaping work. It is also resistant to heat, foot traffic, and treading by golf carts, making it the common-sense solution for putting greens in Tampa, Florida.


Traditional golf grass requires round-the-clock maintenance to remain visually appealing. This includes constant use of water sprinklers, trimming, and landscaping in addition to chemical applications to ensure the grass stays radiant and resistant to drought. 

Depending on the size of the turf, the recurring costs of these tasks are astronomical. Costs are often recouped by charging exorbitant member fees and dues. Artificial grass stays beautifully immaculate all year long with no need for watering or expensive landscaping contractors. Over time, this translates into significant cost savings.

Improve Overall
Golfing Performance

Golfers are constantly looking for ways to improve their game. This calls for endless trips to community golf courses to practice. In addition to the commute itself, the golfer spends time looking for parking, walking to the turf, procuring equipment, waiting for other players, driving back home, and more. Imagine how much time you save by having your own backyard golf grass and putting green. Back Nine Greens makes this possible with our signature golfing turf solutions. There is no need to commute, and you can practice endlessly with no limitations or restrictions.


Over the past few years, Back Nine Greens amassed an incredible reputation for both fantastic customer service and top-of-the-line luxury artificial grass turf products. From our master craftsmen to our lead designers, everyone on our team is a specialist. We are highly confident that our value shines through our outstanding, time-tested artificial grass solutions. Finally, we enjoy what we do and believe in pushing ourselves to create new landscapes and bold designs for today and tomorrow. If you’re ready to make the transition, contact us today to schedule an appointment.