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Artificial Grass Installation & More in Tarzana, CA

At Back Nine Greens, our team of synthetic turf specialists offers artificial grass sales and installations in Tarzana, CA. Whether for a residential, commercial, or municipal property, we provide a considerable selection of artificial turf products to help meet a variety of needs, applications, and aesthetics. One of our specialties is in designing and installing artificial grass putting greens. Yet, we are also experts in crafting synthetic grass lawns and landscapes for homes, businesses, parks, and more! 

Why Artificial Grass Benefits Tarzana, CA Homes & Businesses 

Tarzana, California is one of the many beautiful communities in the San Fernando Valley. Like many of the surrounding neighborhoods, Tarzana is filled with an abundance of greenery. However, as most Californians know, much of this greenery often comes at a high monetary and environmental cost. One of the most significant culprits of this cost is traditional grass.

Homes and businesses across Tarzana, CA are currently equipped with conventional grass lawns and landscapes. Sadly, these green spaces take up sizable portions of water, which can be both costly and wasteful. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way! With artificial grass from Back Nine Greens, properties throughout Tarzana, CA can reduce their water waste, which helps save this precious resource and save money.      

Fortunately, this is not the only benefit business and homeowners in Tarzana, California can experience by switching to our high-end artificial grass. Some of the many benefits of installing luxurious synthetic turf products from Back Nine Greens include:

  • Consistent, lush, green beauty all year long 
  • Little to no upkeep
  • Immense durability
  • Resistant to fading 
  • Does not produce traditional grass allergens
  • No grass stains or mud
  • Inhospitable for rodents and insects 

Overall, our synthetic grass surfaces provide homes, businesses, and more in Tarzana, CA with luxurious green spaces that benefit them and invite people to enjoy them. 

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Our Selection of High-End Synthetic Turf Products

At Back Nine Greens, we offer several specialized types of high-end artificial turf. These top-quality, American-made products address the various needs of different types of spaces. Our selection of synthetic grass products includes:

Whether you desire artificial turf for a dog park or a backyard bocce court, at Back Nine Greens, our team has the specialized synthetic grass and expertise to make it happen! 

Luxury Artificial Putting Greens

The team of artificial grass artisans at Back Nine Greens specializes in crafting luxurious artificial putting greens. Our synthetic golf grass is among the best in the industry. It not only looks beautiful, but it also provides an ideal surface to play on. Plus, at Back Nine Greens, we work with our residential and commercial clients to understand their needs and desires as well as their space. In doing so, we develop astonishing putting greens and courses. 

Check out our gallery to see some of our many synthetic putting green installations! 

Why Choose Back Nine Greens for Artificial Grass in Tarzana, CA?

Back Nine Greens is one of the best choices for synthetic turf products and artificial grass design and installation in Tarzana, CA. We offer some of the most beautiful, durable, and realistic artificial turf products. We also provide our clients unmatched expertise in design and artificial grass installation. Through teamwork and dedication to our craft, our team can help make your synthetic grass dreams in Tarzana, CA come true – whether for a residential or commercial project.

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Artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is available for sale and installation in Tarzana, California. We offer residential and commercial customers in the area all of our high-end synthetic turf products, including our pet grass, playground turf, and artificial grass putting greens. Our team is ready to work with you to craft the evergreen indoor or outdoor space of your dreams. So contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our artificial grass services in Tarzana, CA!