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Artificial Grass in Winnetka, CA

At Back Nine Greens, we provide neighborhoods and communities across California and the rest of the United States with high-end artificial grass, including Winnetka, CA.

Our stunning synthetic turf blends in with the abundant greenery in Winnetka and provides homes, businesses, and more with beneficial lawns and landscapes. Unlike traditional grass, our artificial turf retains an unrivaled lush, green beauty all year round and resists fading as well as wear and tear. Our synthetic grass is genuinely one of the best surfacing options available for residential, commercial, and municipal properties in Winnetka, CA and the rest of the San Fernando Valley. 

Our Selection of Synthetic Turf

High-end artificial grass from us at Back Nine Greens comes in a variety of styles and specializations. Our team always works to find the ideal match for your property. Fortunately, because we carry such a wide selection, we can almost always find a synthetic turf product that fits your needs and desires. Some of our many artificial turf and synthetic grass products include:

With our numerous synthetic turf types, we can help create an indoor or outdoor space that optimizes entertainment, relaxation, and/or athletics.

Artificial Grass

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Benefits of Switching to Our Luxurious Artificial Grass

High-end artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is one of California’s best surfacing materials for various types of spaces. This is primarily due to the many benefits our synthetic turf has to offer, which include: 

Unrivaled Lush, Green Beauty

When equipped to a property, our luxurious synthetic grass provides unrivaled lush, green beauty. This is because it is stunningly realistic, mimicking the look and feel of traditional grass. And best of all, our artificial turf never grows, dies off, or turns brown. It maintains its perfect look throughout its life. 

Little to no Maintenance Required

With an artificial grass lawn, landscape, or putting green from Back Nine Greens, home and business owners no longer need to worry about lawn maintenance. Our amazing synthetic turf never needs to be watered, trimmed with a mower and other tools, treated with an assortment of chemicals, or de-weeded. Instead, they can spend their time enjoying our high-end artificial surfacing.

Highly Durable Surfacing

Unlike conventional grass surfaces, our luxurious synthetic grass is highly durable. As such, it can resist various kinds of wear and tear. This includes wear and tear from foot traffic, lawn games, sports, and even the pressures of intense wind, rain, and sunshine. In doing so, our artificial turf lawns, landscapes, and putting greens retain their impeccable appearance for years. 


In Winnetka, as well as the rest of California, conserving water is a crucial concern. Fortunately, our artificial grass can help! Unlike traditional grass, it requires no water to maintain its lush, green appearance, which makes it an incredibly eco-friendly surfacing alternative. With our synthetic grass, Winnetka, CA homes and businesses can still own a beautiful green lawn, landscape, or putting green without wasting gallons upon gallons of water.

Why Choose the Experts & Products From Back Nine Greens?

At Back Nine Greens, our team not only supplies high-end artificial grass for various projects in Winnetka, CA and other California communities; they also offer comprehensive and personally tailored synthetic grass design and installation services. Our artificial turf is among the best in the industry, and by pairing it with our phenomenal service and expertise, our craftsmen create magnificent lawns, landscapes, putting greens, and golf courses. By choosing us, you choose a partner who is dedicated to making your property look its best.  

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High-end artificial grass is available in Winnetka, CA from Back Nine Greens. Our luxurious synthetic turf products, which range in specialization and style, can help home and business owners switch from inferior traditional grass surfaces to highly beneficial artificial grass installations. You can save water, time, and money by making the switch to our glorious synthetic grass, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation!