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Artificial Grass in Woodland Hills, CA

High-end artificial grass products from Back Nine Greens are available for purchase and installation in Woodland Hills, CA. Our top-quality synthetic turf captures the look and feel of traditional grass surfaces but takes them to another level entirely. This is thanks to the benefits of our luxurious artificial turf, which includes its remarkable durability, low maintenance, and evergreen appearance. These advantageous features can be found in all of our artificial grass products, including our pet grass, playground turf, and putting greens.

Enhance your residential or commercial property in Woodland Hills, CA with premium quality synthetic grass from Back Nine Greens!

Artificial Grass

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Luxurious Artificial Grass in Woodland Hills, CA

As one of the many beautiful neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills sports abundant greenery and beauty. Thankfully, at Back Nine Greens, our artificial turf has the lush, green look and feel of conventional grass. In doing so, it can seamlessly blend in as lawns and landscapes throughout this community. Our team of synthetic grass designers and installers has experience crafting artificial grass surfaces for homes, businesses, parks, golf courses and facilities, and so many other types of properties. So no matter what type of property you own, our team can help beautify it and simplify it with our evergreen, low-maintenance artificial turf!

Benefits of Our High-End Synthetic Turf

At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass delivers several benefits for home and business owners in Woodland Hills, CA as well as the rest of the San Fernando Valley. These benefits include: 

Green Surfaces

Owning an evergreen lawn may seem like an impossible dream, but with artificial grass from the Back Nine Greens team, it is just a few steps away! Our luxurious synthetic grass is hyper-realistic, so it looks and feels just like traditional sod. But, unlike conventional grass, our artificial turf resists fading and other forms of weathering, so it provides your property with a consistently gorgeous and green surface throughout its long life. 

Lawn Maintenance

For busy homeowners and business owners, lawn maintenance can be a constant irritation. This is because traditional grass surfaces require watering, trimming, fertilizing, and so much more to look their best. This can lead to hours upon hours of work for the property owner or lead to costly upkeep from a landscaping company. Fortunately, with our synthetic turf, lawn maintenance can be a thing of the past! Our artificial grass requires little to no maintenance and still retains a luxurious appearance.

Increased Water Conservation 

Worries about water and the water supply pervade the entirety of California, including Woodland Hills. With frequent droughts affecting the state, it is crucial for homes and businesses to reduce water waste when possible. One of the best ways to do this is to switch to drought-tolerant landscaping, which includes artificial grass. Unlike conventional lawns, landscapes, and putting greens, our synthetic turf does not need to be watered. This can help California home and business owners save thousands of gallons per year, depending on the size of their yard, which can also help save them money on their water bill. 

Our Selection of Specialized Artificial Turf 

At Back Nine Greens, we offer our clients in Woodland Hills, CA several forms of specialized synthetic grass, which include:

From putting greens to pet areas, you can transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with our various, American-made artificial turf products! 

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Artificial grass supply and installation from Back Nine Greens can help homes, businesses, and other properties in Woodland Hills, CA switch to luxurious, green surfaces. Our synthetic turf is gorgeous to look at, low-maintenance, and even helps save water. You can find out more about our artificial turf as well as our specialized synthetic grass options by contacting us today